Endemic Birds of A&N Islands

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Andaman Flowerpecker

A tiny bird with a slim, dark, curved bill. The upperparts are olive-green, and the pale underparts have a smudge of yellow on the belly. Flits about restlessly in treetops in search of fruits and flowers. Usually solitary or in pairs. Hard to locate in the canopy, but its buzzy single-noted calls often give away its presence.

Andaman Shama

A large, long-legged, long-tailed robin-like bird. The face, breast, wings, and tail are glossy black, while the belly, lower back, and undertail are white. Feeds in the understory and on the ground, frequently raising its tail to reveal reddish-brown vent. Shy and inconspicuous in its wooded habitats, but its presence is often given away by its song, which consists of mellow guttural trills and whistles.

Andaman Serpent-Eagle

A relatively small, uniformly dark brown eagle with a contrasting bright-yellow bare patch between the eye and the bill. The underparts are speckled with small white spots. In flight, the wings have narrow black-and-white bands and the tail has thick black bands. Juvenile similar to adult, but with a pale, cream-colored head. Often seen perched in trees under the canopy, from where it watches for small prey. Calls delivered in a series of 4-5 short, chirp-like whistles.

Source: Nature at the Best YouTube Channel