Dweep Janta Party Launched, To Contest in Nine Wards in PBMC Elections!

By Zubair Ahmed

Govindram, a retired bureaucrat from the Islands has taken plunge into politics with the launch of Dweep Janta Party.

Just before the onset of local and urban body elections in the Islands, Jan Kranti Party, earlier headed by Prakash Minj was revamped with a new name Dweep Janta Party and leadership change at the helms.

Col (Retd) Cherian Thomas is appointed the new President and retired bureaucrat Govindram, as the General Secretary. The announcement of the party was made in a media interaction on 1st November 2020.

Speaking to The Sunday Islander, Govindram in his inimitable style said that the party would contest in 9 wards in the upcoming Municipal elections.

“We are determined to win all the nine seats, and would be a formidable force to reckon with in forming the next Municipal Council. Both Congress and BJP won’t be in a position to form the Council without our support, and that too on our terms” he claimed.

When asked if he is too ambitious and the announcement premature, Govindram said that the party has already done the groundwork, and a strategy is in place.

“Though I won’t reveal the nine wards, the party would contest, but I challenge and say that I will fight from Ward No. 13 and also win comfortably.”

– Govindram

Talking about the agenda of the newly launched party, he said that the Islanders need a third alternative, as they are fed up with the current political scenario. He was equally critical about Congress and BJP.

On the governance in the Islands Govindram said, “It’s a triangle, and at top is the unresponsive bureaucracy and the islanders are sandwiched between the two major parties, who are more concerned about their own selfish motives rather than the welfare of the Islanders.”

“Congress lacks internal democracy and is run as a fiefdom of a family,” he said.

“When two BJP leaders were summoned to the police station, they called for Andaman Bandh. But, they won’t show same enthusiasm when a common islander is arrested or harassed by the system,” Govindram lashed out.

“The Islands need a self governing democratic setup and our party will strive for the same,” he said.

“At grassroot level, we have Panchayats and at District level, Zilla Parishad. We certainly need a setup at state level, and our party will strive to revive Pradesh Council,” Govindram explained.

He also said that the Islands need to have a separate civil and police service cadre. And the Fire services needs to be made an independent entity.

Implementation of Central Government Schemes, and not just centrally sponsored schemes, reservation of government jobs only for local eligible aspirants, construction of bridge between Bambooflat and Chatham are some of other agenda of the party.

2 thoughts on “Dweep Janta Party Launched, To Contest in Nine Wards in PBMC Elections!

  1. A third front is good.If they can bring changes the islanders will support them certainly.Let us hope for the best .All d best for this new Party.

  2. seeing the current situation third front would be essential for changing the present political and bureaucratic behaviour of higher ups.

    I truly hope that the new party would work towards the betterment of the common recipient of the island and improve the condition of poor farmers.

    All the best for the future election.

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