A Tribute to Samirda!

by Vishvajit Pandya

Samirda as known among some of us was one of the earliest individuals who encouraged and groomed many young students and scholars in various ways. He never failed to smile, take a puff and spend time to discuss history environment and Indian state particularly in relation to Andaman Nicobar islands.

He encouraged and helped individuals in pursuit of understanding the rich and diversity of island. He himself had come to the island as a young person from Calcutta. He had some experience of what to do and what not to do in politics and business. He had worked in Nicobars and welfare related department of island administration . But his passion remained Island environment in the largest sense.

One can never forgot that from the shop he would spend time and energy organising research, publication of news letter and most important, in days of no Facebook or WhatsApp he would bring like minded people together.

INTACH on the island was a classic example. For a long time he was the “headquarter” where one learned much by reporting what one found on ground.

I lost a good friend and “dada” on the islands. He will be with us forever. A inspiration to be engaged intensely, deeply and passionately.